For BIOS engineers, arguably the two most significant on-line resources are and  In this post, I will summarize the resources available on the "public" side of, and also describe the private Member Pages side of

Here is a list of all the publicly available resources:
For sure, this is a lot of good content.

Member Pages

However, there are several additional resources above and beyond the public site.  I would encourage all BIOS engineers to consider requesting access to the Member Pages section of  Here's a list of resources available in the Member Pages section of
  • ability to join (and leave) groups
  • option to subscribe to various members' email lists
  • company information, e.g. view your company roster, company administrator
  • RSS feeds of your participation in UEFI
    • e.g. your documents, ballots, emails, action items, issue comments
The Member Pages basically boil down to groups.  What is a group?  The work of the UEFI Forum is conducted through a set of autonomous working groups:  one pertaining to the UEFI spec, another to the PI spec, another to the ACPI spec, and so on.  These working groups are often further sub-divided into sub-teams responsible for particularly large sub-categories.  For example, there is a sub-team for security, and another for networking.

The Member Pages allow members to make requests to join the various groups which grants you the ability to see group email, change requests (through the Mantis tool), and participate in the working group meetings.  These meetings typically take place through video conference.

Who Can Access Member Pages?

The employees of UEFI Forum member companies (either Contributor or Promoter member companies) may access Member Pages.  Your email domain must match your company's list of accepted domains.  If you're unsure of your company's membership status, the UEFI Forum membership list is stored here:

How to Request Access

To request access to the Member Pages section, submit the following form:

Your request to join will be forwarded to your company's designated administrator.  After this person approves your request to join, you will gain access to Member Pages.

If you work for a member company, you should consider checking out the Member Pages and participating in a group!

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