The Computer Chronicles was a half-hour television show broadcast in the United States from 1983 to 2002 on PBS.  The show featured interviews, demonstrations, product reviews, editorials, and industry news.  Subjects included all the typical industry topics:  networking, peripherals, security, productivity software, computer games, etc.  It was a remarkable time to be covering the personal computer industry—the show covered its rise from infancy to global prominence.  For me growing up in the 1980s, some of it was over my head, but I still watched on occasion, and still today the show is embedded in my consciousness.

Today, this remarkable series of shows has been preserved by the Internet Archive, and the episodes are available for free download.  I am currently on a quest to experience the entire series starting with the first episodes in 1983 and watching them in sequence through 2002—all ~400 or so episodes!  As I find interesting moments in the show I'm writing up blog posts to share them with you.

Also, the show's creator, Stewart Cheifet, was interviewed on an episode of Triangulation, Leo Laporte's interview show on the TWiT.TV network.  It was a wonderful talk, and I highly recommend it!:

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  1. Hallo, thank you for sharing it information. This program was amazing.

    I just reviewing those videos to make an essay in spanish.


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