Who would have thought that BIOS’s killer app would be Tetris?  It may be 2018, but BIOS nerds are partying like it’s 1984.  I’ve counted at least three different implementations of Tetris for the UEFI shell.  Here is the list:

  1. https://github.com/manusov/UEFImarkAndTetris64
  2. https://github.com/swmicro/Tetris
  3. https://github.com/tomix86/efi-tetris

My favorite implementation is from Ilya Manusov, since his is in assembly.  (!)  Why assembly?  Because, of course!

Ilya Manusov’s Tetris64

Tetris64 is available for 64-bit UEFI shells:

Github:  https://github.com/manusov/UEFImarkAndTetris64

source:  https://github.com/manusov/UEFImarkAndTetris64/tree/master/source

executable:  https://github.com/manusov/UEFImarkAndTetris64/blob/master/executable/TETRIS.EFI

Here’s a screenshot of me playing the game:


What I did to test this out:

  1. downloaded TETRIS.EFI
  2. built the VisualUefi project
  3. put TETRIS.EFI into samples\x64\Release
  4. launch QEMU via the VisualUefi samples project
  5. run TETRIS.EFI

Here’s TETRIS.EFI ready to go:


Of course, you could just copy TETRIS.EFI to any UEFI shell you have handy, and I would expect it to work.

BIOS development is hard, but at least we know we can have some fun every once in a while!  Download Ilya’s Tetris and have some fun!

Ilya’s web site (Russian):  http://uefi.composter.com.ua/

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