A new community for BIOS engineers has launched, calling itself UEFI.Tech.  From their own description:

UEFI.Tech community is maintained by a group of volunteers from around the world.  We are recruiting board moderators, welcome to join us by sending email to!

This new community debuted the second week of April 2018.  As far as I can tell, UEFI.Tech is made up of the following resources:


At time of this writing, the website is a phpBB-based bulletin board.  phpBB is a popular open-source bulletin board/community forum software package that you will probably recognize when you see it.  The forum is currently divided into the following boards:

  • Resources
    • UEFI Timeline
    • One-Stop Shop for UEFI/BIOS Specifications/Utilities
    • Community References
  • Global Community
    • Industry News & Rumors
    • UEFI Specifications
    • Firmware Security
    • Job Opportunities
    • UEFI/BIOS Issue Q&A
  • Dedicated forum in Mandarin

The website works just like any other bulletin board system.  You can read posts without an account.  To comment on posts or create posts of your own, you simply create a (free) account.

Bonus:  someone created a SUPER slick UEFI timeline.  Check it out:

GitHub Repo

UEFI.Tech’s GitHub account is simply “uefitech”.  They have created one repository so far, a neat “one-stop shop” of specifications related to BIOS development, as well as a bunch of BIOS-related tools.

Stay tuned—I get the feeling a lot more interesting content will be arriving here in the future.

Twitter account

Self-explanatory—UEFI.Tech has a Twitter account, @uefitech.


UEFI.Tech looks like a neat initiative!!!  Let’s see how it goes!

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