imageLike most of you, I read a lot to keep up with our industry.
I’m a big fan of RSSOwl.  RSSOwl is an open-source newsreader/aggregator that is written in Java.  I use RSSOwl to put all my feeds into various categories, keep them automatically updated, and mark what’s read and what needs to be read.
It’s a popular tradition for bloggers to share their “blogrolls”, or list of blogs/websites they read.  In the hope that someone may find this interesting, here’s my blogroll, divided into two categories:  Software Engineering and Tech News.

Software Engineering

  • Joel on Software
    • Joel doesn’t post as much as he used to, but it’s worth subscribing for an occasional post.  This blog has spawned several beloved books.  In addition to his software engineering expertise, Joel is a great writer.
  • Channel 9
    • Channel 9 is Microsoft’s developer channel.  Since Microsoft is into so many things, Channel 9 is filled with a ton of content, much of which isn’t in any way applicable in BIOS development.  However, you’ll find many gems, like the Defrag Tools and Going Deep programs.
  • Sysinternals
    • Sysinternals is a must-have collection of utilities for doing just about anything in Windows.  Written by (uber-genius) Mark Russinovich, follow this feed to stay up-to-date with the latest Sysinternals utilities.

Tech News

Did I miss any other good ones?  Please leave me a comment with other great blogs/websites I should consider following.  Thanks!

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