imageIt’s not unusual for BIOS developers to work deep in the bowels of PCI subsystems, utilizing bus analyzers and Mindshare books to debug difficult issues in new chipset silicon.

The PCI-SIG recently announced a new forum for PCI-SIG members to ask technical questions and receive answers.  The PCI-SIG Forum is a new platform to replace the previous technical support web-form that was available to PCI-SIG members. The Forum, moderated by PCI-SIG Tech Support, will maintain a permanent record of technical questions asked and answered by PCI-SIG. All members have an opportunity to read and respond to the discussion threads.  PCI-SIG asks for up to 3 business days time for official Tech Support responses to members’ questions.

Login to the PCI-SIG Forum is accomplished using the same PCI-SIG-member credentials used to log into  The Forum is secured so that only PCI-SIG members can access the platform.

The Forum is organized by PCI Express specification.  For example, there is a sub-forum for PCI Express 1.0, another for 2.0, and a third for PCI Express 3.0.  Each sub-forum is then broken down by chapter and section of the spec.  So, if you are confused by something you read in Section 2 of Chapter 4 of the PCI Express 3.0 spec, you would enter your question in:


I hope you find this new forum helpful in your PCI development and debugging efforts.

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