Big news from the DMTF:  SMBIOS v3.3.0 has been published.

The new SMBIOS spec is available at:

The following changes were made to version 3.2.0 of the document to produce this version:
  • System Slots (Type 9):
    • SMBIOSCR00184: add PCI Express Gen 4 values
    • SMBIOSCR00185: clarify bus number usage for PCI Express
  • Memory Device (Type 17):
    • SMBIOSCR00178: add new memory device type value (HBM) and new form factor value (Die)
    • SMBIOSCR00179: update the string for Intel persistent memory
  • Various:
    • SMBIOSCR00181: add support for RISC-V processors, add structure type 44 (processor-additional information)
    • SMBIOSCR00183: add support for CXL Flexbus

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