The PCI-SIG has started a webinar series!  The videos in the series are free and open to all.  In a manner similar to the DMTF, the videos are hosted by BrightTALK, which requires a quick, painless registration in order to view the content.

The first video in the series debuted on 9 October 2019, called Retimers to the Rescue: PCI Express® Specifications Reach Their Full Potential.  More information from PCI-SIG:

Hello PCI-SIG® Members,

The first installment of the PCI-SIG educational webinar series, Retimers to the Rescue: PCI Express® Specifications Reach Their Full Potential, premieres this Wednesday, October 9, 2019 from 8:00 am PT – 9 am PT.

The webinar will feature PCI Express experts representing PCI-SIG, including:
Kurt Lender, Ecosystem Enabling Manager for Intel Corporation and Marketing Workgroup Chair at PCI-SIG
Casey Morrison, head of Systems and Applications at Astera Labs and PCI-SIG member

The presenters will provide an overview of retimer functionalities, offer solutions to conquer signal integrity and channel insertion loss challenges, discuss the differences between retimers and redrivers, explain the diagnostic capabilities of retimer technology and more. The webinar is open to the public and attendees will get the chance to participate in a live Q&A session.

Registration for this free, one-hour webcast is open. Even if you can’t attend the live airing, we invite you to sign up now to receive an alert when the webinar recording is uploaded

PCI-SIG's page on BrightTALK

The homepage for the PCI-SIG on BrightTALK is:

At this link you can watch on-demand past episodes in the series.  I enjoyed Retimers to the Rescue, but fair warning:  it's EE/board designer focused, not as much BIOS-focused.  Anyway, retimers are now officially specified in the PCIe Gen4 and PCIe Gen5 specs, and are here to stay.  They are, substantially, what makes Gen5's new 32GT/s speed possible.  Worth a watch.

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