imageGood news—the UEFI Fall 2016 Plugfest has ended and the materials are now available on-line for anyone not able to attend in person.  This event was held September 20-22 at the Embassy Suites Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Hotel outside of Seattle, WA.

All UEFI Forum presentations and videos can be found at the following links:

I would categorize the videos into two groups:  1) general interest videos that are must-see; 2) videos to watch if you’re interested.

Must-See for all BIOS Developers

  • UEFI Forum Update / State of the Union
    • Dong Wei (HPE) speaks about the overall health of the UEFI forum and prevalence of UEFI in the industry
  • UEFI Network and Security Update
    • The title is a bit misleading.  Vincent Zimmer (Intel) does speak about some networking and security topics, but a lot of his talk is about the various specifications that make up UEFI, their history, the working group model, and how we can improve the specification process in the future; definitely a general-interest presentation.
  • UEFI Open Source Community ( Update
    • Neat talk about Tianocore, transition to Git(hub), and web site improvements.  Talk by Brian Richardson (Intel) and Leif Lindholm (Linaro).  As always, Brian brings his inimitable sense of humor.

Watch at Your Discretion


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