It what is sure to be a contender for the world’s nerdiest YouTube channel, the DMTF has launched a channel to provide webinars on DMTF standards, such as Redfish:

Get schooled in Redfish™ by tuning in to DMTF’s new YouTube channel! The DMTF is excited to announce this new resource, which offers short technical webinars on a variety of topics related to the Redfish API and other DMTF standards.

Currently, DMTF’s YouTube channel features “Redfish School,” a five-webinar series that covers Redfish Model Architecture; Common Properties; Chassis, Systems and Managers; and more. In addition, you’ll find Why Redfish™?, a short webinar – hosted by Scalable Platforms Management Forum (SPMF) Co-Chair Jeff Autor – that provides an overview of the standard and how it enables simple and secure management of modern scalable platform hardware.

Visit today to see DMTF’s latest videos, and be sure to subscribe to the DMTF YouTube Channel to stay up-to-date with our upcoming webinars!

For BIOS folk, this is a neat development, continuing the DMTF’s history of publishing webinars.  I’m looking forward to new videos coming soon to the channel.

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