With this post I continue my exploration of The Computer ChroniclesClipboarder.2015.03.12 (2)This gem from the show is taken from 1987.  It’s the news segment from the show’s annual “Buyer’s Guide” episode.  Cynthia Steele boldly makes the prediction:

A majority of computer makers say they expect OS/2 to become the dominant operating system within the next five years … and they expressed confidence that software developers would adopt OS/2 and come out with more powerful and sophisticated applications to take advantage of the new operating system.

OS/2—The Outlook is Quite Rosy!


You can’t make this stuff up.  Unfortunately for OS/2, IBM and Microsoft separated paths in 1990, and OS/2 did not “become the dominant operating system within the next five years.”  OS/2 never gained widespread adoption, Windows took over, and OS/2 was shuttered about 10 years after this clip aired.  Full episode:


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