The UEFI Fall 2023 Developers Conference & Plugfest was held October 9-12, 2023 in Hillsboro, Oregon.  This was the first in-person UEFI Forum event since 2019, and therefore the first since before the COVID-19 pandemic.  It was nice to get back to an in-person event, including all the benefits such an event provides, like networking and watercooler conversations.

If you're not familiar with this event, the biannual Developers Conference & Plugfest features:

  • "plugfest" testing, i.e., engineers bring systems and peripherals and test them together in real-time
  • educational/technical sessions
  • working group meetings
  • networking opportunities

Being that this was an in-person event, the sessions were not broadcast in real-time.  It is welcome news, then, that all the presentations and video recordings are now available for on-demand viewing.  In the following list, clicking the title of the presentation takes you to the slide deck for the talk, and links to the associated YouTube videos are found below each talk.  Enjoy!

State of the UEFI - Mark Doran (UEFI Forum President)

Using SPDM in UEFI for Device Attestation - Michael Kubacki (Microsoft) and Vincent Zimmer (Intel) 

Evolving the Secure Boot Ecosystem - Doug Flick and Jeffrey Sutherland (Microsoft)

UEFI Goes to Washington - Tim Lewis (Insyde)

Vulnerability Management in UEFI - Brian Mullen (AMI)

UEFI Key Management Service (KMS) With TPM - Felix Polyudov and Frederick Otumfuor (AMI)

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