imageThe DMTF, beloved standards body for many BIOS-related specifications, has recently updated the Education section of the its web site.  Since a key goal of is education, I think this is worth mentioning.  From the DMTF press release:

As part of the organization’s ongoing commitment to maximizing the user experience on its website, DMTF recently revamped the Education area to offer visitors improved navigation and faster access to new materials. Formerly called the Learning Center, DMTF’s new Education section highlights the latest educational information and featured resources with intuitive design and content improvements.

The DMTF offers a full library of education on the organization and its activities. As part of the website’s Education section refresh, this broad collection of information has been re-organized with new pages, sidebars and menus to help visitors find featured resources and most recent materials.

The upgraded Education landing page now showcases key resources, which will change on a regular basis. Expanded areas include pages for Presentations, White Papers and Webinars – all of which update automatically as the DMTF shares new content. In addition, there are now easy-to-find pages for Open Source information and Newsletter sign-up.

In the Education area, there is a section for press releases (DMTF in the News), a section for recently-added content (Recent Education), and links to various learning resources as mentioned above:  Presentations, White Papers, Webinars, Open Source, and Newsletter.

All-in-all, a lot of interesting content.

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