imageThe DMTF completed ratification of SMBIOS 3.2:

The DMTF has released Version 3.2 of the System Management BIOS (SMBIOS) Reference Specification, the premier standard for delivering management information via system firmware. Since its first release in 1995, the widely implemented SMBIOS standard has simplified the management of more than two billion client and server systems.
For OS-present, OS-absent, and pre-OS environments, SMBIOS offers motherboard and system vendors a standard format to present management information about their products. By extending the system firmware interface, SMBIOS can be used with management applications and eliminates the need for error-prone operations, such as probing system hardware for presence detection.
Version 3.2 of SMBIOS adds support for current technologies, including USB Type-C, PCIe bifurcation and new processors. In addition, the standard extends support for NVDIMMs and adds support for logical memory type.

For your reference, here is the change log from 3.1.1 (previous version) to 3.2:

  • Table convention (section 5.2):
    • SMBIOSCR00177: Erratum: clarify that 32-bit and 64-bit tables must be the same version
  • Processor Information (Type 4):
    • SMBIOSCR00163: add socket LGA2066
    • SMBIOSCR00173: add Intel Core i9
    • SMBIOSCR00176: add new processor sockets
  • Port Connector Information (Type 8):
    • SMBIOSCR00168: add USB Type-C
  • System Slots (Type 9):
    • SMBIOSCR00164: add “unavailable” to current usage field
    • SMBIOSCR00167: add support for PCIe bifurcation
  • Memory Device (Type 17):
    • SMBIOSCR00162: add support for NVDIMMs
    • SMBIOSCR00166: extend support for NVDIMMs and add support for logical memory type
    • SMBIOSCR00172: rename “Configured Memory Clock Speed” to “Configured Memory Speed”
    • SMBIOSCR00174: add new memory technology value (Intel Persistent Memory, 3D XPoint)
  • IPMI Device Information (Type 38):
    • SMBIOSCR00171: add SSIF
  • Management Controller Host Interface (Type 42)
    • SMBIOSCR00175: fix structure data parsing issue
  • Annex A:
    • SMBIOSCR00169: updated conformance for logical memory
    • SMBIOSCR00170: updated conformance for memory size fields

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