The nice people at Intel have put together some excellent training videos, and they’re available for free, on-demand download!
I’m willing to bet that only a tiny percentage of BIOS developers have actually seen these videos, so I’m sharing a link to them below.  I found a lot of value in these videos—they’re appropriate to all skill levels, in my opinion:  beginners who are just starting out, up through experts who need a refresher on what’s really happening behind the scenes.
There are six videos in the series—here are their titles:
Lesson 0: Defining Specifications' Role in Firmware
Lesson 1: Course Introduction and Pre-EFI (PEI) and Security (SEC) Phases
Lesson 2: Driver Execution Environment (DXE)
Lesson 3: UEFI Drivers
Lesson 4: Firmware and Data Storage
Lesson 5: Boot Device Selection (BDS) and Human Interface Infrastructure (HII)

I won’t copy and paste all the website details here.  See the UEFI and EDK II Learning and Development website for complete summary information and download links.  I’m also sharing the notes I took when I went through the training.  The value of my notes is questionable; the value of these excellent training videos is not.  Do yourself a favor and watch today!

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  1. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Hey William: Thanks for the shout out. I work in learning and development at Intel and created these training materials with the help of some great subject matter experts. I'm really happy you found them useful.


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