In my continuing exploration of The Computer Chronicles, the date is 24 October 1985 and the subject is Local Area Networks (LANs).  The main guest is Prof. Bob Metcalfe discussing all things LAN-related.

Dr. Metcalfe’s career has spanned inventing Ethernet, to founding 3Com, to working at Infoworld, venture capital, and now Professor of Innovation and Murchison Fellow of Free Enterprise in The University of Texas’s School of Engineering.  (Hook ‘em!)

Prof. Metcalfe accurately predicts that the current paradigm of a stand-alone PC on a desk is a temporary phenomenon that is giving way to networked PCs that can access greater volumes of data and resources (e.g. printers).

I think Ethernet is going to make it.

Wow, $10k for EtherMac—prices sure have come down since then!  Link to the entire episode:


Whether it’s 1985 or 2015, at least one thing has remained constant:  Prof. Metcalfe’s hair!  That’s a great head of hair Prof. Metcalfe, no matter the color!


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