Uefi_logo_redBig news coming in the BIOS world—updates to the specifications that define UEFI, PI, and ACPI.  See note below from the UEFI Administration:

Dear UEFI Promoter and Contributor Members:

This note is to inform you that the Review period begins today for these 4 products of the UEFI specification process:

*    UEFI Specification 2.5
*    PI Specification 1.4
*    ACPI Specification 6.0
*    SCT Version 2.4B

The final drafts of these updated specifications were approved by the Board of directors on March 10, 2015.

Please refer to the terms of Section 6.4c and 6.4d of the Bylaws for details of the Review and be aware of the following required notifications:

*    The Review period begins today, March 13, 2015
*    Any comments you may have that you feel will require material changes to content in the Final Draft must be sent to the UTWG and the Board on or before 5 PM Pacific Time April 13, 2015.
*    Any Disclosures you may have relating to Contributions to the Final Draft must be sent to the Secretary of the Board on or before April 13, 2015 (by 5pm Pacific time).
*    The Review period ends on April 13, 2015 (by 5pm Pacific time).
*    The proposed date for the Board to hold an Adoption meeting to address any comments from the Review and disposition the Final Draft is April 14, 2015.

For your convenience all electronic email communication regarding this draft may be sent to admin@uefi.org. The UEFI mail address is:

UEFI Forum Administration
3855 SW 153rd Drive
Beaverton, Oregon 97003 USA

These draft specifications are only available to UEFI Promoter and Contributor member viewing, so I cannot produce them here.  Please access the member section of http://uefi.org to download the specs and learn more.

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