At, we like to save money.

That is why we were excited when we received the following announcement about a special deal on the Beyond BIOS book:



Beyond BIOS
Developing with the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, Third Edition

Vincent Zimmer, Michael Rothman, Suresh Marisetty
This book is perfect for anyone, from marketers to hardcore firmware developers, needing to understand UEFI and its associated EFI developer kit for firmware development.
Now: $44.99

This special offer expires August 1st. Order today to receive 40% off Beyond BIOS, 3rd Edition plus free shipping. For more detailed information on the book click here.
To take advantage of this discounted price, please call Triliteral LLC and mention the discount code and ISBN:
Discount Code: DEGPRESS40 & Free Shipping
ISBN: 978-1-5015-1478-4

The $44.99 is actually a good deal—not one of those “double the price, then offer the book at half-off” gimmicks you normally hear about.  As I check today, is selling the book for $66.26, so this really is a good price.  I called the number and ordered my copy for $44.99 plus tax and free shipping.

For many of us, Beyond BIOS was our first introduction to UEFI and BIOS programming.  There were substantial improvements between the first and second editions of the book, so I have no reason to believe there won’t be substantial improvements to this new edition.  This is a good book to have on the shelf!  Remember, the offer expires August 1st.

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